Wendy Kathleen's Art (wendykathleen) wrote in beyond_real,
Wendy Kathleen's Art

Faerie needs a name

I just finished this new little faerie, but I have drawn a blank on what to name her. So, I'm running a contest to give her a name. Please help her find a name.
Don't forget to include your name and where you live. I will be announcing the winner in June. The winner will receive a a package of faerie cards featuring this faerie as seen on my on-line cafepress store.

title or description
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Greetings and salutations!

a name for the wee lass?

My nomination is "Twig" or "Brushwood"
Thanks. She got a name a few weeks back. She is Sienna
ah, and a nice woodsie name that is!
prettyness galore. you are so wonderful with the water colour. fall is the best so this is extra lovely.
Just have to say she`s beautyful! Ans since she is so red how bout ignis for a name (like in fire) or autumn?