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The Lady Rhiannon

Pretty please with dragons on top...

Good e'en, all...

I'm a rather old spirit who has recently decided that "appropriate reality" as popularly conceived in this day and age, nevermind the jobs available within it, simply does not suit me well enough to humor, anymore. Or, perhaps, this is not so recently decided, but I've recently been able to start doing something about it. I'm actually trying to start my own small business based on my artistic services and my artisanship, most flowing from my tendancies towards anything old-world...Celtic, Medieval, Renaissance, Goth, Arcane, Fantasy, Celestial, Nature-based...sometimes brightly, etherialy shimmering, sometimes darkly romantic. If I can get this going, I can live in ever-so-much-less pain (metaphorically and literally...I have a disability that dreams of wings don't help make any more compatable with "normal" jobs), bringing more magick and wonder to the whole of the life I share with my husband and friends, instead of only living vicariously within a small bubble floating through it. No less worthy, I could do this by way of sharing that same magick and beauty and wonder with other kindred spirits out there. dream!

Of course, this is just starting out, and so rather slowly untangling from a rather mundane muddle. As one of the early stages in this process, I'm trying to get a feel for how people respond to some of my designs, and if anyone feels that they are worthy of taking into their own lives, and so helping along my own. I've got an e-bay auction going at the moment, with one of my jewelry sets...what I call the "DragonMoon" set. It's a hand-made, original-design, necklace/earrings set featuring silver chain, silver moons, hematite (metallic black stone) stars, and silver cast "dragon moons".

The auction can be found here. I'd really, really appreciate it if you took a look, asked questions, gave feedback...and if you are a'tall interested and able, if you'd bid...or if you think anyone else might be interested and able, please tell them about it so that they can bid! The auction only had one day and 20 hours left. Eep!

If you're curious, the set looks like this

The auction page also shows a close-up of the back of the necklace, as well as a close-up of what the earrings look like, and oodles of information.

Thank you thank you thank you and otherwise I'm looking forward to meeting kindred in all these lovely new communities I've found. Ah yes...I admit cross-posting this...mudanity makes me desperate. ;-)
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