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Estel Tinuviel

faerie art

I come with faerie art, or actually faerie fashion!

So here it is. I modeled my art after the art of David Ellwand in the book Fairy-ality. Copyright 2002 by Candlewick Press and David Ellwand. If you havne't already read that book, I would highly recommend it as a sorce of faerie fun!

Note: all flowers were found on he ground if gotten from the botanical garden, or cut if from my garden; feathers were found not pulled; snakeskin was shed; birch bark fell out of the trees, as did the leaves. I did not ty to harm nature and everything is al natural excluding the copy paper. The accent paper is handmade. Sorry for the shine and croocked-ness,, but I was scanning these from my album to protect them.

Made from rose petals, and some other flowers I don't remember. I made this one two years ago, I think, so it's one of my firsts.

This was made from snakeskin, peacock feathers and some magenta flower I got at my local botanical gardens.

Birch bark with red leaves and black eyed susans.

Snakeskin and mocking bird feathers.

Birch bark and some yellow-ish flower, possibly camelias, and daisy

Snakeskin wih pheasant feathers and mocking bird feathers accented by peacock.

I hope you liked these. I'll post the new ones I made today soon, hopefully tomorrow. Thanks!
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